Avoiding Fridge Repairs

Avoiding Fridge Repairs – What You Need To Do

As with all appliances, your refrigerator can take a beating. Any refrigeration technician will advise you that a refrigerator is prone to wear down with continuous use. What next when your refrigerator’s warranty expires? Although a warranty protects your appliance and fixes any issues that may arise – conveniently and affordably – you need to maintain your refrigerator regularly. Taking a few easy steps will prevent your machine from breaking down anytime soon and help you avoid spending more and more on fridge repairs.

1. Don’t overload your fridge

While refrigerators’ general lifespan is about 12-15 years, they tend to wear out due to daily use. Over time, your unit can develop issues with ice and water dispensers, control boards or motors. Fortunately, newer fridges are made sturdy, requiring little maintenance compared to other bigger appliances, such as dishwashers and air conditioning units.

One simple way to limit wear is avoiding overloading your fridge doors, shelves and bins. Putting weight on shelves and doors can damage the hinges and eventually the seal. This requires fairly expensive refrigeration repairs to replace the seal.

2. Provide adequate ventilation

Where you place your house appliances is very important. Proper airflow helps your fridge run efficiently. If your kitchen is not well ventilated, your unit may work overtime and its lifespan greatly reduced.

If a freezer is poorly ventilated it cannot cool effectively or at all. The compressor unit usually warms up to remove heat from the freezer. Thus, there should be several inches of space around the compressor system to prevent it from overheating and failing prematurely.

Although some refrigerators are designed for in-cabinet installation, proper ventilation is recommended to avoid repeated visits from a refrigeration mechanic.

3. Regularly clean and maintain the refrigerator

Fridge condenser coils tend to collect pet hair, dust and debris over time. They are typically located behind and under the unit. Chances are your fridge is not working properly because the coils are not clean enough. A dirty condenser inhibits the transfer of heat from the freezer’s interior to the outside environment. It is a good idea to thoroughly clean the condenser at least once a year or before summer begins.

It is also recommended that you occasionally clean the door gaskets using Vaseline or warm water. This ensures the door closes completely to keep cold air inside the fridge.

4. Always close the refrigerator door

Wondering why your energy bills are increasing by the day? If you leave the fridge door open, the unit will take longer to cool, use more electricity, and overheat its compressor. This is bad news because repairing your compressor is one of the most costly fridge repairs.

A warm compressor, on the other hand, attracts dust from the surroundings of your kitchen. The dust fibres spread to other parts of the refrigerator and finally settle at the air grille. This affects your appliances ventilation and its performance as well. So you should clear the dust at least twice a year.

If you have performed all these maintenance tips and your refrigerator is still not working properly; then you need to call your fridge mechanic for necessary repairs. Avoid fixing it yourself. Following the professional repairs and yet your unit is not in good condition; then it is time to budget for a new, quality refrigerator. For a good refrieration mechanic in Adelaide we recommend – http://www.accutempservices.com.au for all your fridge repairs. Contact their team today!