How To Install An Air Conditioner Yourself

Air Conditioning Installation has never been so easy. Here’s How to install it yourself

When installing an air conditioner in your house, you have the option to do it yourself or hire an air conditioning professional to do it on your behalf. The most important thing here is to look for the option that will ensure that your system will be installed in a way that it will work perfectly. Unlike the notion that many people have, it is not so hard to do the installation by yourself. All you need to do is ensure that you have some knowledge and skills on how the installation should be done. You should also keep in mind the building codes in order to comply with them fully. Here are some of the steps you need to follow when installing an air conditioning system.

Step one

First, make a plan to install the AC ducts. To do this effectively, it is advisable you make use of the floor plans of your house so that you understand the best place for you to place these ducts. The major goal here is to ensure there is enough space in areas that are more accessible.

Step two

You should then put the handler close to the condensation plan. Focus on the guidelines given by the manufacturer. Generally, air handlers are usually put in the basement. The air handler should have the capacity to run outside the house and the foundations.

Step three

The third step is to do the installation of the compressor. When installing the compressor, you have to pay attention to the way the power wiring in your house is done. You also need to follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Generally, you need to place the compressor ten to twelve inches from your property. Before you begin doing the installation of the compressor, ensure that you turn off the power. Make sure you place it on top of a flat, well-levelled ground.

Step four

Now it is time to drill holes through your wall. One of the holes is meant for the refrigeration tube and the other one is meant for the electrical tube. Make sure that you fill these holes using strong filler to avoid leakage that might occur. Before switching on your power back, you need to connect the compressor to all the mains.

Step five

After you have connected the compressor to the mains, you should make sure that it has the ability to carry the entire load. Here you might need to seek the services of an electrician for assessment. The electrician will assist in checking the capabilities and requirements. This will ensure that the right installation is done. It is also a great way to guarantee safety in your house.

These practical steps are a simple way to install an air conditioner by yourself. DIY installation will save you the cost of hiring a professional to do the job for you. However, only do it if you are sure that you can do good work. If you’re not capable, spare yourself the grease work and leave all your air conditioning fittings to the experts, like Southern Air Conditioning Canberra.